Company Information

Remote Sensing Solutions' Mission

To develop innovations in remote sensing hardware, digital processing and data management and visualization software. To commercialize these advancements for the scientific community and private sector.

RSS is a complete solutions and service provider; providing remote sensing hardware, signal processing hardware, management systems, data processing software and data analysis software.

RSS engineers possess broad technological experience, including: electromagnetic scattering and emission; network and telecommunications systems; data acquisition and management systems; radar and radiometer systems; and more than 50 years of experience in microwave and millimeter-wave remote sensing and modeling. This expert team enables RSS to develop innovative and highly reliable, complex systems with advanced network management capabilities. In addition to staff engineers, RSS works with consultants, subcontractors and reasearch and industry collaborators, who bring expertise in the specific fields required by the challenges of each individual project.

Our unique appreciation of scientific problems, as well as the engineering challenges, allows us to provide the technically advanced, cost efficient solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Critical to this success has been the development of strong working relationships with university and government research programs and science communities. RSS has a solid understanding of the needs and restrictions of the operational environment and a track record on deploying real-time systems capable of remote operations.

We have worked with NASA, NOAA, USGS and DOE as well as numerous scientific communities and private corporations focused on studying hydrology, weather, the atmosphere and oceans.