NASA Rapid Response Project

The devastating flood events that hit the SW United States in May and October 2015 killed over 50 and cost an estimated >US$2 billion in damage (NOAA NCDC). The same geographical areas were hit with high-magnitude floods again in Mach 2016, and with some severe droughts in between

Satellite imagery of floods from NASA and other space agencies and the private sector can help flood prediction models and federal and state emergency managers fight floods and assist in strategizing flood response.

Together with our national and international collaborators at NASA GSFC, CSR UT Austin, the Dartmouth Flood Observatory and LIST among others, RSS is running large scale model simulations of the 2015 SW flood events. Fusing these computations with wide swath and high-resolution satellite and airborne imagery of flooding is expected to open up new ways to assist flood response locally and save lives and limit socio-economic damage during future events.

This project is supported by the NASA Rapid Response fund through NASA’s Applied Sciences Program, Disasters (PM: Dr. David Green).