Providing a hardware, firmware, software reconfigurable solution to radar and sonar applications.


RSS ARENA technology is being deployed in advanced radar systems to advance the ability to map precipitation, 3-dimensional atmospheric winds and ocean surface vector winds in hurricanes from the NOAA WP-3D aircraft and NASA Global HAWK UAV.


RSS is a leader in advancing millimeter-wave interferometry for topography and velocity mapping. Our expertise in solid-state radar design and digital subsystem technology is enabling a new generation of ultra-compact mapping sensors for manned and unmanned platforms.

ARENA® Products

High-fidelity processing, network-based, ultra low SWAP+C, low integration costs, real-time reconfigurability.

Radar Systems

High resolution, network-based solid-state radar systems for ground and airborne applications.

Engineering Services

Geophysical modeling, system engineering, radar & digital design, mission planning & custom solutions.

News & Press


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