Providing a hardware, firmware, software reconfigurable solution to radar and sonar applications.


Integrating the latest remote sensing and hydrology modeling technology, RSS provides state of the art flood inundation modeling and forecasting.


RSS and UCLA have teamed to develop the Regional Ocean Model System. Running on RSS’ supercomputer, RSS provides nowcasts and forecasts of ocean currents, temperature, salinity and see surface heights.
ROMS was used to predict the path of debris from the March 11 Japan Tsunami.


RSS ARENA technology is being deployed in advanced radar systems to advance the ability to map precipitation, 3-dimensional atmospheric winds and ocean surface vector winds in hurricanes from the NOAA WP-3D aircraft and NASA Global HAWK UAV.


RSS is a leader in advancing millimeter-wave interferometry for topography and velocity mapping. Our expertise in solid-state radar design and digital subsystem technology is enabling a new generation of ultra-compact mapping sensors for manned and unmanned platforms.


RSS developed the GLISTIN-A radar for NASA and is leading several airborne field campaigns to provide wide swath decimeter topographic mapping of ice sheets and glaciers to provide better insight on climate change.

ARENA® Products

High-fidelity processing, network-based, ultra low SWAP+C, low integration costs, real-time reconfigurability.

Radar Systems

High resolution, network-based solid-state radar systems for ground and airborne applications.

Hydrology & Ocean Systems

State-of-the-art modeling & forecasting products for ocean and hydrology applications

Engineering & Science Services

Geophysical modeling, system engineering, radar & digital design, mission planning & custom solutions.

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