Modeling & Forecasting

Most of the time, rivers, coasts and oceans are treated as separate entities which is of course not the case in reality. Over the years, together with its partners, RSS has developed a unique capability in modeling and forecasting processes at the interface of these environments, primarily looking at storm surge and river flooding at various spatial scales. More recently, RSS has also engaged in activities to help advance interoperability of geospatial data to ensure more effective delivery of actionable information for government agencies, individuals and communities.

Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

DEMs are essential data sets for disaster risk management and humanitarian relief services as well as many environmental process models; however, at present, global freely available DEMs only meet the basic requirements and are not of high enough spatial resolution and lack accuracy in the vertical for many services and modeling studies. RSS has developed state-of-the-art, large-area coverage, topographic mapping capabilities using Interferometric SAR. Our InSAR design leverages advances in technology, including RSS’ ARENA, along with robust calibration methodologies. As a result we can map large-areas through cloud cover with vertical accuracies and spatial resolutions that can now address many science and user needs.

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