• Geophysical modeling and development

  • Radar system design and development

  • Digital system design and development

  • Data acquisition design and development

  • Network system design

  • Initial concept to full system prototyping and field demonstration

  • Data analysis


  • Digital subsystem design and development:

    • Arbitrary waveform generators and up converters

    • Digital receivers and data acquisition

    • Digital I/O, control and timing generation

  • Software radio design and development

  • Transceiver design and development

  • Network-based data acquisition design and development

Mission Design and Planning

  • Ground-based and airborne field campaign design, planning and oversight

  • Sensor-in-a-loop simulation for ground, airborne and satellite missions

  • Post mission data analysis and performance assessment


  • Custom FPGA firmware design, simulation and prototyping

  • Linux-based driver development

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